Community Resilience

Resilient communities have better outcomes and with diminishing resources for the public sector, the need to create the conditions for individuals, families, and communities to be more resilient is paramount. This approach offers more than savings to the public purse: individuals and communities who are self-sufficient and able to use their own assets to meet their needs and those of others undoubtedly have better outcomes. We want Suffolk to have; Compassionate, Cohesive, Caring and Safe Communities which enable people to live well and take responsibility to help improve their wellbeing. We are seeking to achieve this by:

  • working alongside communities;
  • providing clear pathways for early support; and
  • supporting people to make positive choices.

The selection of indicators on this page is based on an extensive evidence review to understand factors in determining communities and peoples’ resilience and wellbeing and how this could be measured. From the various sources reviewed we picked those indicators that are currently available at local level and regularly updated. They are a combination of subjective and objective measures; both about individuals as well as the communities they live in.